Expecto Patronum Gradient

My Patronus is a Tonkinese Cat, according to Pottermore.

“The Tonk is brainy and active….Tonkinese can be stubborn in their quest to get their own way, but their clownish behavior is so endearing that it doesn’t really matter.”
Source: https://cattime.com/cat-breeds/tonkinese-cats#hKE220l9lz86gcEa.99

I’d say the quiz nailed it 😉 Most of the happiest memories I’d use to summon my Patronus would involve stubborn humour.

This skein was processed into a blank, and painted in a gradient from dark through light blue, then faded into speckles and streaks.

At 100g/396 yards, this Merino/Nylon blend will make a comfy pair of socks, a hat to keep you warm while fighting Deatheaters, or a cute scarf.

75% Merino
25% Nylon / Polyamide

When you buy 4 or more skeins, use the code FREESHIPPING for free premium shipping with tracking to the US or Canada

This gradient is slightly reduced in price because I had one tiny speck of green in my dyepot. So your finished object will have 7 or 8 barely visible green stitches.

I’ve taken care to photograph the colours in natural light. Monitors may display colour differently.
Unless indicated otherwise, you will receive the exact skein pictured.

Please handwash your finished item in cool water, with a gentle wool wash. I wash each skein after dyeing, and do my best to make sure no excess dye remains. However, deeply saturated colours (especially blue and red) may release a bit of excess dye.