Swooping Evil (Movie Version)

I can’t promise a memory charm for the No-Maj crowd…but I do know that this green to blue to charcoal gradient, in lime and forest and peacock and navy and several greys, will make you feel like you are working magic as each colour blends seamlessly into the next!

Please let me know if you prefer it to be wound into a cake ready to go, or into a skein for a bit of stash enhancement prior to knitting, crocheting, or weaving! If you do not indicate a preference, it will be skeined.

100g/220 yards
100% Wool

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I’ve taken care to photograph the colours in natural light. Monitors may display colour differently.
Unless indicated otherwise, you will receive the exact skein pictured.

Please handwash your finished item in cool water, with a gentle wool wash. I wash each skein after dyeing, and do my best to make sure no excess dye remains. However, deeply saturated colours (especially blue and red) may release a bit of excess dye.